5 Unique & Creatively designed Eco-friendly Ideas we mostly see in Indian Weddings

A lot of people still think that planning an eco-friendly wedding means compromising on the overall aesthetics and visual appeal of the wedding. But this is so not true! In contrast to the normal recognition, eco-friendly weddings are not under any condition exhausting or difficult to design either. A few couples demonstrated the equivalent with their creative eco-friendly wedding thoughts which are too delightful to ever be missed. So here is a rundown of the inventive yet simple eco-friendly thoughts we spotted at genuine weddings.
You must consider stealing these ideas for your own wedding if you hold a special corner for mother nature and want to host a wonderful eco-friendly wedding.

  • Seed balls and saplings as wedding favors

Real bride Sanchita displayed seed balls wrapped in muslin cloth as wedding favors for the outstation guests because they are easy to carry.

For the same-city guests, she had saplings wrapped in jute bags (instead of plastic). That’s quite some inspiration!

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  • Beautiful seed paper invitations

Who is not guilty of throwing away those adorable wedding invitations (with a heavy heart, of course)? Hardly anyone, right? It is practically impossible to preserve all the wedding invitations you receive. But there is an eco-friendly solution to this problem, i.e. Seed Paper Invitations. Simply get your wedding invitation printed on seed paper which can further be sowed in the soil and they would bloom into full-grown plants.

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  • The eco-friendly way to display flowers for showering

It was a delight to see this impressive idea of displaying the flower petals in the organic leaf plates instead of the usual paper cones.

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  • A thoughtful effort to make the guests environment-conscious

A couple distributed favors like glass bottles, cloth napkins, and bird feeders to instill environment-friendly habits among the guests.

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  • A plantation drive as a part of wedding celebrations

This couple organized a ‘Plant a Plant’ session during their wedding revelries and asked all their guests to plant a sapling. Isn’t this a perfect way to start your new beginnings?

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